Richard V. Burckhardt, The Web OptimistRichard V. Burckhardt, also known as The Web Optimist, is an SEO and Internet marketing trainer based in Palm Springs, CA with over 13 years of search engine optimization experience as well as background in web development and marketing.

I started out to be a journalist, snagging my first reporting job at the Houston Chronicle around 1982, but a little something called a personal computer was introduced to the masses in the 1980s, sending me on a slightly different career path. Somehow writing about technology seemed more natural to me than writing about bank robberies or sports.

So, now I have experience in the publishing field, both online and offline, as an Internet marketer, search engine analyst, web site developer, blogger, writer and newspaper reporter. I have designed and written software user manuals, news/feature articles and web site/blog content. Training and teaching background, too, including one-on-one and classroom, as well as software beta testing, search engine optimization (SEO), e-marketing and tourism experience.

I was raised in Houston, Texas, have lived in Dallas, Austin and Idyllwild, CA, but the desert area of southern California near Palm Springs is home.

I am currently contributing to two blogs, The Eye Zone (where I am known as “The Eyeglasses Guy”) and The Web Optimist, along with doing SEO full-time for FramesDirect.com.

I offer The Web Optimist blog as a resource for those wanting to learn search engine optimization or to just pick up some tips.

If you want more info about me, check out my LinkedIn profile.

By the way, local Palm Springs web-based businesses are welcome to add their sites to my Resource Directory as are SEO related sites of all kinds.

+Richard Burckhardt

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