Eight Not To Do Things While Managing Your PPC Campaigns

By David Smith

PPC things to avoid

There are certain things that you should not do while managing PPC campaigns.

Building a profitable PPC campaign is not an easy task. You have to be pro-active, monitor the data stats at regular intervals and make sure that everything is under control because even a minor change (mistake) in your PPC campaign can ruin the performance of your overall campaign and convert it into an expensive disaster. Here in this article we’ll highlight some of the most important things that you should never do while managing your PPC campaigns.

Not thinking like a user while writing your ad copy – Write your ad copy from the view point of a buyer instead of from the view point of a seller. You’ve a limited number of characters to use so use them properly. Ask yourself why a user will click on your ad or what could be the reason due to which a user doesn’t prefer to click on your ad. Don’t overlook the importance of emotional triggers while creating your ad copy. Instead of speaking what you want to say in your ad copy focus on what your audience wants to listen.

Using broad match only – If you are using only broad match option (which is also a default option in Google adwords) for all your keywords then you are wasting lot of your money in buying irrelevant and low quality traffic. That said, you should not ignore the broad match completely because it can help you to identify some good keywords which you might have overlooked in your keyword research. Make you campaign a balanced combination of all three matching options.

Treating landing pages as a separate issue – Landing page are integral part of your online campaign so don’t treat them as a separate thing. The success and failure of your online campaign depends on the quality of your landing page. So next time if conversion rate of your campaign is not good, try to improve your landing pages first before changing your ad copy.

Not updating your negative keywords list – Update your negative keywords lists at a regular basis even if you are happy with the overall results. Use search query performance report feature at the regular basis and find out the search queries that triggered your ad and put the irrelevant keywords in your negative keywords.

Giving more importance to CTR rate that conversion rate – An ad with high click through rate doesn’t mean that it would be having the highest conversion rate too. The main reason due to which ad doesn’t convert despite of getting enough searches is the irrelevancy. Tune such ads and make them relevant to your landing pages and to the services you offer.

Getting satisfied with results and to stop testing – Don’t get satisfied with the performance of your campaigns and stop testing. There is always a scope of improvement. There would always be some underperforming keywords attracting irrelevant traffic, some underperforming ad copies and landing pages which don’t convert well. Check your search query reports at regular basis and identify the underperformers and improve them.

Ignoring Ad scheduling feature – View your search query performance report at the hourly basis to find out at what time of day your ad performs well. Schedule your ads for the more converting hours. Also you can adjust your bids for specific hours on basis of these reports. For e.g. – If your ads perform well between 9 pm to 11 pm then you can increase your bids for these hours.

Using default device settings – By default Google will show your ad on all devices including mobile devices. Opt out from this feature if the majority of your target audience doesn’t have internet capable mobile phones or your call to action link wants them to fill a long form which is hard to do from mobile phones.

Do you know about more not to do things while managing your PPC campaigns? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

David Smith is a freelance writer working for Invesp and mainly writes about landing pages, conversion rate optimization and affiliate marketing.

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  1. Nice post David. A couple of things to add to the list is:
    Running a campaign on both Search and Content Networks – the content network is often turned on by default, but it will perform so differently to search as the users have a different state of mind when viewing your ads. Make sure you have turned the content network off in campaign settings and created a separate campaign to target content only – keywords & ads will need changing though.
    Get worried about low CTR’s without looking deeper – sometimes CTR’s can look really low, but when you choose to segment traffic by network – you may find that Google Search has a reasonable CTR, but the search partners network is so low that it is making your overall CTR look bad. Search partners CTR isn’t taken into account when calculating quality score so things might not be as bad as you think.
    .-= Hannah Gibson´s last blog ..Happy St.Patrick’s Day to all our Irish Clients throughout the World =-.

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