Five Ways to Create an SEO Friendly Blog

By Brendan Egan

Well, blogging has become the new pink in the internet world. Almost everyone has their own blogs and websites however some are more well known than others. Maybe the popular blogs have more flare, maybe they are more creative or maybe they are just easier to find. And that is exactly what you need to earn more viewers for your page, to create an SEO (that’s Search Engine Optimization) friendly blog. And here are five great tips to get you started.

1. SEO Plug-ins

The first step you need to do is to create a Uniform Resource Locater so others can find your blog easily. This is a very important thing because having plug-ins allows you to manage title, address, and other vital parts of a message. It is important that you make all information as clear as you can so they can fit with the keywords on your blog.

2. Write a quality content

Don’t be lazy! Write a witty and relevant post that can attract more viewers. When you write a post that is as short as: “we’re having a sale come to our store.” then you might as well be sending a text message to your friend. But no, you’re not just randomly sending a message to someone you’re writing about something important so you have to make it seem important for your readers as well. Take the previous sentence and use it as a header after your title. Then with that in mind expand the topic into a post 200 to 500 words long. Remember be creative and funny without leaving out the important details.

3. Never copy/paste

Plagiarism is an unforgivable crime for us writers. It is never a good idea to just go and copy the works of other people and paste it on your blog claiming it as your own. Not only is it rude to the person you stole the work from but it is also bad for your blog’s reputation. So keep in mind that you are hurting yourself just as much as you are hurting the real writer. If by chance you saw something that inspired you and you want to share it on your blog then you have to credit the person who really wrote it by putting a link to their website in your post. That way you’re telling your readers that you are not taking claim of the contents you posted.

4. Categorize or tag your messages

For other people to find your blog faster, you need to arrange all categories properly and you can do this if you add tags on your posts. You would need a blog tagging software to make tags in your message and then link them to a page that have a similar content . This makes it more convenient for your visitors.

5. Find other blogs and write quality feedback

First of all comment spamming and writing a good feedback are two very different things. You won’t be helping the blogger to improve their posts by telling them their post was “good or awesome”. A comment should be serious and formal at the same time with a hint of warmth that can earn you a connection with the blogger. But most importantly: your comment has to be relevant to the blogger’s post.

While following these steps won’t get you to the first page of search results for a competitive keyword like “Stock Market”, it will get you to the first page for long tail keywords, for example “Learn How To Trade Options In The Stock Market”. I’ve seen dozens of posts on our blog and our client’s blogs get ranked on the top page of search results just by following these simple tips, and chances are following these suggestions will only take you an extra 10-15 minutes per blog post, but will help drive much more traffic to your blog.

Brendan Egan is the owner of Simple SEO Group, a company specializing in internet marketing for small business. To learn more about Simple SEO Group, visit them at

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  1. Thank you for the great post. I am an SEO enthusiast and part time blogger and I would like to know more about SEO plugins. Are there any plugins you recommend besides All-In-One-Seo-Plugin? What about canonical URLs or duplicate content in WordPress? Is there a good plugin to improve the blog in terms of duplicate content issues?

    Thank you for a brief feedback.

  2. Hey Brendan. Your advisements are correct. But I would add SEO friendly, fast and handy template to this list.


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