How to Enhance Search Engine Rankings

By Charles Mburugu

No serious website can dare to ignore the significance of search engine rankings. Search engines provide more than 70% of the traffic for most websites. Therefore, if you rank high in search engines, you will receive more traffic.

However, getting and sustaining high rankings is not easy. It usually takes much hard word and effort to attain good search engine rankings. The following are three things you need to always keep in mind for better search engine rankings.

Content is king
Search engines love content. Without good and valuable content, you have little chance of success, no matter how great your website is or how much effort you have put into search engine optimization. It is important to have a lot of keyword rich content all through your site. Another great tip is to visit websites which are similar to yours. Read their articles and get ideas which you can make use of in your own site.

There are several reasons why content is vital for high search engine rankings. High search engine ranking will bring you a lot of traffic. However, to sustain the high traffic and retain a good number of return visitors, you need to have useful and well written content in your site. This volume of targeted traffic will be helpful in keeping your reciprocal links growing.

Effective web content also involves having catchy headlines which will encourage readers to visit pages on your site. Many site owners and webmasters usually forget the significance of good, captivating headlines.

Another helpful tip is to have some of your content published in other high traffic websites. This strategy has been effective in creating many links back to my blog which features webhostingpad coupons and discounts.

Your website URL
If your website URL contains relevant keywords, it can have a great impact on your search engine rankings. However, this is not an easy task. It depends on several factors, such as the competitiveness of your main keyword. Less competitive keywords will have a greater impact on your rankings.

Another important factor to remember is that your website URL should be easy to remember. If you are about to register a new domain name or change an existing one, you need to think critically about your name.

Page title
Many webmasters and site owners choose their page titles very carelessly and casually. Your page title is very important for search engine ranking. Each of your pages should have a specific title which includes the keywords. Being specific reduces competition and enhances the chances of your page being found in search engines.

The more high ranking pages your website has, the better since it will generate much more traffic. It is a fact that websites with more pages usually receive more traffic than websites with fewer pages.

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