Announcement: Review: Native Union Moshi Moshi Solo Handset

By Richard V. Burckhardt

The Native Union Moshi Moshi 05 Solo Handset is aimed at cell phone users who want the feel of a regular, old fashioned telephone handset. It features a sleek design that fits comfortably against your face and even cradles up against your neck and chin easily like we used to do in the old days.

The Moshi Moshi Solo 05 Handset

The Moshi Moshi Solo 05 Handset

I got the black handset, which came with the expected coiled black cord and and adapter for use with a PC or laptop. I tried it out on my iPhone 3GS, plugging into the top headset plug using the native 3.5mm jack and the sound was nice and clear. There is an “Answer” button in the center of the handset that allows you to answer and hang up. On some mobile phones, this apparently will allow you to redial the last number you called with this button, too, but on my iPhone, it just started playing tracks on the phone.

The handset features noise reduction, is supposed to eliminate over 99% of phone radiation and work with most mobile devices (phones, tablets, laptops, etc.).

The Moshi Moshi 05 Solo handset weighs about the same as my iPhone, which leads me to wonder why anyone would want to use this with most mobile phones (unless you are worried about radiation from your phone). It’s actually heavier than many and, unless you have your phone anchored securely to a charging base or maybe in your pocket, you run the risk of dragging the attached phone around as you swing in your chair or get up.

Although marketed for mobile phones, I really see this handset as being better with a PC, laptop or iPad. With the included adapter, I plugged it into my laptop and desktop computers and used it with Skype and X-Lite to make VOIP calls and it worked very nicely.

But, what I really liked was using it with my original iPad. Though I have a drawer full of bluetooth headsets, NONE will work for VOIP with my iPad. I am told there are one or two out there that will work with it, but I haven’t tracked them down. So, when I have wanted to use the iPad for VOIP, it was usually with the ear bud headset that came with my iPhone.

Using the Moshi Moshi Handset with an iPad

Using the Moshi Moshi Handset with an iPad

I have the original iPad case from Apple and found that the Moshi Moshi handset fits it like a glove! I set the iPad in landscape mode and prop it up with the cover like I’m ready to type. When plugged into the iPad, the handset, which is covered with a rubber coating so it doesn’t scratch, looks like it was made for the iPad! Using a VOIP app like Whistle Phone (which works in landscape mode), the iPad/handset has the appearance of a modern telephone and works very nicely. Alas, not all VOIP iPad apps will work in landscape mode. The Talkatone and Whistle Phone apps work in landscape mode. Annoyingly, everything else I tried would only work in portrait mode. Hate apps like that!

So, I give the Moshi Moshi Solo Handset a thumbs up, though I doubt that I will ever use it with a mobile phone.

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  1. It works fine on my iPhone 3gs. I just plugged it in like any earbud and I could make calls.

    There might be a something about older iPhones that prevents the microphone from working properly as I tried the handset on an old original iPhone after you posted your comment and I could hear through it fine, but when I spoke, it came out garbled at the other end.

  2. I still can’t make it work with my iphone 3. I have tried and tried. What is the “trick”. Please tell me!

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