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Cable-Free iPad TV (1 comments)
Sadly, TVU Networks killed off their streaming offering. SopCast offers a few of the channels, but I have yet to find a decent solution for the iPad. There is a SopCast iPhone app, but, other than the channels that come with it, nothing seems to want [...]
Richard V. Burckhardt
2013-05-07 10:38:54
Review: Winegard FlatWAVE Indoor TV Antenna (1 comments)
If the idea of spending a great amount of time and effort sticking the antenna on every part of your walls/windows to get a good signal is your thing, then go for this product . . . otherwise, it’s all a joke !! [...]
2013-02-15 13:52:54
Five Ways to Create an SEO Friendly Blog (4 comments)
Thank you for the great post. I am an SEO enthusiast and part time blogger and I would like to know more about SEO plugins. Are there any plugins you recommend besides All-In-One-Seo-Plugin? What about canonical URLs or duplicate content in Wordpres [...]
2012-04-30 03:06:04
Review: Republic Wireless Beta Hybrid Calling (1 comments)
Beware of the old bait and switch tactic I have signed up for broadband and phone deals here in New Zealand that were great only to have the terms change it seems a common tactic used these days to lure new customers in.

However the plan your on s [...]

Justin@seo nz
2011-12-28 14:41:29
Link Building in 2011 (3 comments)
Thank you very much for the wonderful information you have provided, very relevant to the information I have been seeking, Great site

Very useful resource for the SEO beginners, its really true that “Link Building is The Gold Mine”
without it we [...]

2011-12-02 02:56:05
Absolute URLs? Absolutely! (2 comments)
It’s an “oldish” blog but whether or not you got the development team on board you got me! Thanks for the tip. [...]
2011-11-11 03:48:33
Five Non-Local SEO Tips (3 comments)
With one of my online retailer clients, google shopping has helped in a large way to get more globally related rankings. For sure, these are all great ideas to consider for seo. [...]
2011-08-28 11:14:58
Tips for Tracking Your Hits (1 comments)
Interesting article, I have just started to use Segments in google analytics to look at keyword analysis, where visitors are coming from and on those sites that I run PPC which campaigns are working the best. I use Segments and Goals so I can see ins [...]
Matt Houldsworth
2011-06-15 05:53:17
Tips for Managing Your Reputation Online (2 comments)
These are awesome tips! It’s amazing how often people don’t even realize how often they will be googled, and the impact it’ll have. At Brand-Yourself we help people manage their online reputation in various ways, so it was really interesting to see y [...]
Lizzie Gilbert
2011-06-09 08:21:08
Top 10 Google AdWords Secrets To Achieving Success (4 comments)
Thank you for the post, you bring up some very interesting ideas! One thing I am not sure that I agree with 100% is “Ignore Your Competitors.” You don’t want to spend too much time worrying about what they are doing, but I feel that it is good to h [...]
2011-06-08 13:11:25
110 Quick SEO Tips Even Mom Would Love (20 comments)
Yep. New site rolled out and still battling with developers to get those done. The canonical should be in place, but still trying to get www as THE URL. Working on it.

And, I hope to get around to updating the tips. Been swamped lately. I know a lo [...]

Web Optimist
2011-05-31 14:12:01
Pay-Per-Click: Some of the Prominent Benefits You Can Enjoy (1 comments)
Pay Per Click is indeed one of the best solutions out there for companies looking to attract more people to their website and gain more conversions. I believe Pay Per Click is a method most companies should try out if they have trouble selling their [...]
Banner Ad Design
2011-05-26 09:48:48
Blogging with Google in Mind (1 comments)
Well, no one said that the life of a blogger is easy. Sometimes, by the time you’re done writing a blog post with scintillating copy and laying out the photo, block quotes, calls to action, etc., it has been 3 hours, and the *last* thing you might f [...]
Dane Findley
2011-05-23 19:42:50
Review: Time Warner Cable TV iPad App (3 comments)
I think that not being able to just tote your iPad around anywhere and everywhere, unless you have a decent wifi connection. Being stuck at home just so you can use the TWC application is an inconvenience as well. But great and thorough review. [...]
AIDY @ Technology Blog
2011-05-21 17:00:44
Review: Native Union Moshi Moshi Solo Handset (2 comments)
It works fine on my iPhone 3gs. I just plugged it in like any earbud and I could make calls.

There might be a something about older iPhones that prevents the microphone from working properly as I tried the handset on an old original iPhone after yo [...]

Web Optimist
2011-05-18 10:29:37
Web TV: Roku XD/S, Boxee Client & LG BD590 Blu-ray (1 comments)
My favorite as the Roku XDS which I have been using for six months, the dual band Wi-Fi gives me solid streaming performance even with many computers on the same wireless network. [...]
Justin Germino
2011-03-25 19:39:43
Observation: T-Mobile vs AT&T in Unlocked iPhone 2g (1 comments)
Actually, I did find a way to make Gmail calls on an iPhone. What you need is the Talkatone app. It’s free and available in the Apple app store. I’ve got it on my iPad and iPhone 3gs. Alas, it won’t work on my original, unlocked/jailbroken iPhone at [...]
Web Optimist
2011-02-25 18:40:18
Review: Jabra Extreme Bluetooth Headset (2 comments)
Richard, that is GREAT news!! We’re really excited here at Jabra to know that we were able to win your approval and help you out. Thanks for the review! [...]
Hello Direct / Jabra
2011-02-08 09:05:30
A Blogger’s Absolute Essentials (1 comments)
The laptop is the critical factor! No one knows when creativity may hit. Great post! [...]
Steve @ SEO, search engine optimization, référencement
2011-01-17 21:03:20
iPad – Personal TV Anywhere (1 comments)
One year later and we still haven’t seen the release of Comcast’s TVE. While we all wait we can take a look at DISH Network, who, at this point are already up and running with their TVEverywhere and more. I am an employee and subscriber to DISH and [...]
2011-01-12 14:08:59
What’s Going to be Big for SEO in 2011? (6 comments)
I believe that Google places are going to be a big problem for Google when complaints start rolling in from questionable practices. Too bad things have to change but it keeps us on our toes.
Great article!!

SEO Expert and Marketing Strategi [...]

John Pietro
2010-12-27 06:55:19
Tips on Using Blogging for SEO (1 comments)
Blogging is one way of promoting your site and other interrelated areas in your page. If you provide great content most likely you’ll get quality readers. So the idea is make a relevant content and for sure you can get what you want. Readers are keep [...]
dan dees
2010-11-09 18:16:08
Meta Tag Setups for Beginners (1 comments)
Thanks for sharing this. Well, I agree to you that meta tag is very essential and whether they like it or not in order for your site to have a clear path you have to let the search engine know what your site really is all about. We cannot afford to c [...]
dee oneal
2010-10-28 06:36:41
Build Your Facebook Page (1 comments)
Facebook nowadays is really essential whether you are just an ordinary person or even if you are an organization, groups, business or company facebook is there to support your needs. You need exposure and potential client then Facebook will give you [...]
dan dees
2010-10-14 01:29:18
Top 10 SEO Must Do Tips (4 comments)
What if we have 8 different locations? How do we optimize it for each country? Thank you [...]
2010-10-06 22:13:25
Google to the Rescue: Top 15 Website Optimizer Tips and Tricks (1 comments)
Hey Good Blog! Simply wondering, how effective is search engine marketing by way of promoting an offline product or service. I see pages on a regular basis that promote an online based product (e-book, and so on), but if I need to promote [...]
Buddy Guenthner
2010-09-30 09:41:15
Book Review: Night of the Living Trekkies (1 comments)

Thanks for sharing this! I know just what to get my Husband now for a present to keep him entertained while he’s deployed out in the desert. [...]

Misty Dreier
2010-09-27 11:02:39
Performance Marketing Expo (2 comments)
Yep, see the top of the post now. I got the heads up by e-mail on my iPhone as I was climbing aboard a plane to visit my mother in Mississippi. Just got back and updated the post.

Bummer. [...]

Web Optimist
2010-09-14 12:36:41
Organic Link Building (3 comments)
Good information on getting quality links to sites!

Forum posting would also be easy and fast way of building links but if you manage to get links from blogs then it would better than that!

But try to post your signature on different forums so [...]

Alex pablate
2010-09-11 05:12:06
Handy SEO/SMO WordPress Plugins (5 comments)
Some great plugins. I love wordpress because of that. What about adding the plugin – All-in-one-SEO. [...]
2010-07-07 08:50:35

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