Announcement: Five Non-Local SEO Tips

By Richard V. Burckhardt

Or, What To Do After Google Gives Your Web-Only Site The Finger

Trying to see above all of the local search results?

Trying to see your way past all of the local search results? Here are some SEO tips.

It seems that everything has gone local with with search engine results lately. With Google, if you don’t rank in the top three for many queries, you are buried below seven local businesses and below the fold. Of course, you are also buried beneath the Adwords ads and the Related Searches, too.

This is a boon to local businesses as they now have the opportunity to appear on page one of the Google serps through their Google Places profiles. Of course, this is a big, fat middle finger pointed at non-local web-only sites without the local offices and locations that many of the big chains can leverage. Continue reading

Four Key PPC Web Analytics Metrics You Should Consider

By Kirsty Lee

Watch your bounce rate

A high bounce rate is a good indication that your content isn't engaging.

PPC is an important strand of your web analysis. One of the cool things about PPC data is that you don’t need a lot of history to draw conclusions from it – a few weeks is enough time to give you an idea of how well a campaign is performing.

Google Adwords data is included in your Google Analytics data and includes metrics like click through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC). Google recently released AdWords API v201101, which allows you to more efficiently run reports, as well as implement campaign experiments and other recently released advertising features at scale.

But how do you track success after PPC visitors are on your site? What metrics should you investigate to ensure that you are getting high quality traffic and capitalizing on opportunities to convert?

For these types of performance metrics, you need web analytics! Here are four important metrics you should review on a daily basis to evaluate PPC campaign performance.  Continue reading

Top 10 Google AdWords Secrets To Achieving Success

By Lena Morrish and Dima Nikolayenko

Grab these AdWords tips for added success in Google's advertising system.

Grab these AdWords tips for added success in Google's advertising system.

Are you looking to boost the flow of positive traffic to your business website? Using Google AdWords can not only help you to boost the flow of traffic to your website but can help you to target your advertising to the key web searchers who are more likely to find your offered lineup of products and services useful. AdWords is also an excellent passive income opportunity that can help you to boost your revenue; the following list of tips will help you on your way towards finding success with Google AdWords.

1. Be Persistent And Remain Patient

It is important to be patient with your campaigns and also to be prepared to see slow-results until you have figured out to how best adjust and customize your Google AdWords to target your key audience.

2. Track Your Traffic

A key tip to successfully using Google AdWords is to ensure that you are carefully tracking your click through traffic so that you can gain an understanding as to your return on investment (ROI). This is fairly simple to accomplish by simply viewing the number of click throughs from your pay per click advertising and comparing them with the number of fresh new sales or sales leads that you have received since starting up your Google AdWords campaign. Continue reading

Eight Not To Do Things While Managing Your PPC Campaigns

By David Smith

PPC things to avoid

There are certain things that you should not do while managing PPC campaigns.

Building a profitable PPC campaign is not an easy task. You have to be pro-active, monitor the data stats at regular intervals and make sure that everything is under control because even a minor change (mistake) in your PPC campaign can ruin the performance of your overall campaign and convert it into an expensive disaster. Here in this article we’ll highlight some of the most important things that you should never do while managing your PPC campaigns.

Not thinking like a user while writing your ad copy – Write your ad copy from the view point of a buyer instead of from the view point of a seller. You’ve a limited number of characters to use so use them properly. Ask yourself why a user will click on your ad or what could be the reason due to which a user doesn’t prefer to click on your ad. Don’t overlook the importance of emotional triggers while creating your ad copy. Instead of speaking what you want to say in your ad copy focus on what your audience wants to listen.

Continue reading