Free Palm Springs SEO Workshop for One Lucky Business

By Richard V. Burckhardt

I’m preparing to do a presentation as VP of Search for for the Performance Marketing Expo in Miami this September and would like a local Palm Springs area test audience for “SEO Tips Even Mom Would Love” – a roughly 20-minute Powerpoint show.

Ideally, I’d like to do this for a business or organization group of at least ten people in a conference room. Yes, that’s the catch. You will need to provide the facility. A projector or large monitor that can be connected to a laptop will also be required.

And, of course, I am offering to do this free for the lucky group. I’ll take questions regarding the presentation and general SEO afterwards. Continue reading

Win Sunglasses on Twitter! has started a new campaign to attract more Twitter followers and will be giving away sunglasses to their followers with contests during each month.

Here’s how it works. They’ll Tweet “Contest is on. The first person to Tweet ‘I want my free sunglasses’ to @framesdirect is the winner of a new pair!” at any random time of day. Just follow them on Twitter and be the first to Tweet back the exact phrase “I want my free sunglasses” and you’ll be looking ever-so-cool before you know it in a pair of whatever sunglasses they give away for that particular contest. They’ll announce the winner in The Eye Zone blog (your name and city) and ship the new shades off in a jiffy!

That’s it. You’ll never know when they’ll announce the contest (at least once per month), so stay tuned!

As I write this, the contest is on for a pair of Roberto Cavalli sunglasses, so check it out! Not What You’d Think

Back in the early days of the Internet, a few folks thought that ads could support giving away free dial-up Internet access. Juno and NetZero were among them. Of course, eventually that free access dwindled down to practically nothing and different ways of making money had to be found.

I’m guessing the folks at United Online, owners of the two ISPs mentioned above, along with and other sites, had the domain for left over from those days. Recently launched, the site has nothing to do with free Internet access. Rather, it’s a site for freebies that you can get on the Internet – things like coupons, free shipping, free trials, product giveaways and the like. Given the state of the economy, coupon sites are doing pretty well these days.

If you search for “internet” on the site, you do get two free dial-up access offers – NetZero and Juno, of course, offering ten hours per month, complete with ads.

And, the site has quite a bit to offer as far as selections. There are a ton of products available, though I have yet to figure out how a company gets products listed. All I have been able to find so far is a help e-mail address. I sent a question regarding product inclusion for a client, but have yet to get an answer back. Being an SEO, I tend to trust sites that are more upfront about contact information.

Naturally, you have to register to get stuff. They ask for basic information like address, phone and give you some choices of interests. So far, I haven’t been deluged with e-mail from them, for which I am grateful and give them a big thumbs up for that.

Lots of offers to chose from, but many are not free. I give them a thumbs down for that. A lot are simply 10% or 20% or whatever off of products. As I write this, the newly added offers on the main page (pictured) are mostly for so many dollars off rather than free stuff. Coupons for various product offers are generally codes that you can use at the product web site.

Offers at are not necessarily free

Trials, sweepstakes, samples are all offered. I love the idea of having all of this in one easy to navigate place, but I’d really like the site to stay focused on free and not on all of the so-much-off-when-you-buy-so-and-so offers. I, for one, tune those out when I’m looking for FREE.

I’m sure a lot of others will, too.

There’s also the opportunity to review the offers. I’m not seeing too many of those yet, but as mentioned, the site is new.

So, in a nutshell, I think is off to a pretty good start. They’ve got lots of products, a clean interface that’s not junked up with too many ads, no bombardment with e-mails (yet) and they don’t ask for too much personal information.

Now, if they could remain focused on free stuff and provide some merchant inclusion and contact information, I’d give them another thumbs up.

Free eBook: 108 Quick SEO Tips Even Your Mother Would Love

100 SEO Tips Even Mom Could Cook WithI recently did a guest post over at Search Engine Journal titled 55 Quick S E O Tips Even Your Mother Would Love which had a very positive response. I got lots of great comments and Sphinns (If you haven’t given it a Sphinn, feel free to).

So, being someone who believes in sharing knowledge, I decided to add an expanded version of this article to my free eBook section. As time goes on, like with the previously released SEO 101: The eBook , this one will be updated from time to time. Who knows, it might become 200 or 1000 tips before it’s over.

Anyway, feel free to download the 108 Quick S E O Tips Even Your Mother Would Love PDF file.


Thanks again to Loren and gang over at Search Engine Journal for using my piece!