Tips for Tracking Your Hits

By Charles Mburugu

Tracking traffic will usually make the difference in an online marketing campaign. With the many free tracking tools available nowadays, there is no excuse for anyone not to track their hits to discover the source of their traffic.

For those tracking traffic, what should they look out for in the tracking data?

How did your visitors find you?

Many site owners are excited when they receive traffic from new sources. However, many will not bother to follow up and establish how their link got to the referring site. You need to take time to write an email and find out as much information as you can. How your visitors located you is a vital question that needs to be answered. The answer will be vital in helping you improve your marketing efforts.

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Four Key PPC Web Analytics Metrics You Should Consider

By Kirsty Lee

Watch your bounce rate

A high bounce rate is a good indication that your content isn't engaging.

PPC is an important strand of your web analysis. One of the cool things about PPC data is that you don’t need a lot of history to draw conclusions from it – a few weeks is enough time to give you an idea of how well a campaign is performing.

Google Adwords data is included in your Google Analytics data and includes metrics like click through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC). Google recently released AdWords API v201101, which allows you to more efficiently run reports, as well as implement campaign experiments and other recently released advertising features at scale.

But how do you track success after PPC visitors are on your site? What metrics should you investigate to ensure that you are getting high quality traffic and capitalizing on opportunities to convert?

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Performance Marketing Expo

UPDATE: Performance Marketing Expo has canceled all Monday sessions, including mine, so I will not be attending. I’ll leave the discount code up, however, and will try to post what would have been my presentation here soon.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I’ve been slammed with work and preparing for my presentation at the upcoming Performance Marketing Expo, an affiliate marketing conference and exhibition at Miami Beach which runs September 27-29, 2010.

I will be doing my bit as SEO Manager of on Monday, September 27, at 1:30 p.m. in a Search Engine Optimization session. It will be based on my popular SEO Tips Even Mom Would Love post, but, of course, shortened to best practice basics for non-technical types.

Mercifully, I go on before Shari Thurow, who I often credit with my decision to move into SEO full-time and out of web design and part-time SEO a number of years ago after reading her book Search Engine Visibility. I absolutely devoured the book, thinking “Wow, I LOVE this stuff!” and knew SEO was what I was supposed to do.

Anyway, glad she’s following ME and not the other way around! Her presentations are always great!

And, no, I don’t run the affiliate program at, but I do work with our affiliate manager and frequently get questions from this blog from affiliates struggling with SEO.

Check out the agenda.

If you need a 20% off discount coupon for the conference, feel free to grab it here.

And keep you fingers crossed for me!


Richard V. Burckhardt, The Web Optimist

Top 10 Google AdWords Secrets To Achieving Success

By Lena Morrish and Dima Nikolayenko

Grab these AdWords tips for added success in Google's advertising system.

Grab these AdWords tips for added success in Google's advertising system.

Are you looking to boost the flow of positive traffic to your business website? Using Google AdWords can not only help you to boost the flow of traffic to your website but can help you to target your advertising to the key web searchers who are more likely to find your offered lineup of products and services useful. AdWords is also an excellent passive income opportunity that can help you to boost your revenue; the following list of tips will help you on your way towards finding success with Google AdWords.

1. Be Persistent And Remain Patient

It is important to be patient with your campaigns and also to be prepared to see slow-results until you have figured out to how best adjust and customize your Google AdWords to target your key audience.

2. Track Your Traffic

A key tip to successfully using Google AdWords is to ensure that you are carefully tracking your click through traffic so that you can gain an understanding as to your return on investment (ROI). This is fairly simple to accomplish by simply viewing the number of click throughs from your pay per click advertising and comparing them with the number of fresh new sales or sales leads that you have received since starting up your Google AdWords campaign. Continue reading

Google to the Rescue: Top 15 Website Optimizer Tips and Tricks

By Michael Jenkins

Google Website Optimizer

Google offers the Website Optimizer to help test variables and increase conversions.

Most everyone starting a new e-business struggles with their website. Either they pick an awkward web design, are unfamiliar with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), know little about rankings, or fall victim to other mistakes that will make their grand entry into the exciting world of e-commerce difficult.

It is true! Some websites are horrible and their performance underwhelming. This makes you wonder what they are doing wrong as their competitors, who launched their websites at the same time are accelerating just fine.

The web would be boring if all websites were alike and fortunately for us, many offer variety and differentiate themselves well in their industry. Unfortunately for those who don’t seem to get the hang of it, many bad websites have been observed over the years and still exist today. Some have been designed by small businesses, while others belong to large corporations – this shows you that generous funds, as well as the expertise of designers and developers, does not always guarantee an incredible conversion rate. Take, for instance, online computer sales giant Gateway and electronics favourite Radioshack. Gateway averages a 0.25% conversion rate, while Radioshack is not doing much better with 0.75%. That means that this major electronics retailer receives only about 7 orders per 1000 website visitors. Ouch!

Low conversion rates can be worrying but are certainly not the end of the world, as they can be turned around with the right action. It will require some of your spare time, but with dedication, the tips offered here, and a bit of extra work, you too can create a well performing website. Continue reading

Utilising Link Bait As Part Of Your Inbound Linking Strategy

By Wayne Barker

Bait the link hook with great content for improved SEO

Bait the link hook with great content for improved SEO.

We all know that your inbound linking strategy is crucial to SEO and Internet Marketing – as well as being the most frustrating part of online marketing – and creating quality link bait should be high on your agenda.

Essentially link bait is just a form of content that will gently nudge website owners, bloggers and social media acolytes to link to your site. Matt Cutts himself said link bait is “interesting enough to catch people’s attention” – whilst this is true link bait should be something that is interesting enough for people to want to link to it.

How do you go about creating link bait?

The first step is to put yourself in the position of your potential fish (or audience) and ask yourself what it is they want. Usually the best link bait (or at least the link bait that is successful) can fall into a few simple categories:
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