Announcement: Hey, I’m Published! Practical SEO and Social Media Tips

By Richard V. Burckhardt

I recently had the privilege of contributing a couple of chapters on SEO and Social Media for Neil J. Mahoney’s new book, Practical Everyday Analytics & The Science of Sales and Marketing. I wanted to thank Neil for the opportunity and really hope that the information I provided is helpful to his readers.

Check it out!

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Announcement: Blogging with Google in Mind

By Michael Cash

Are you ready for your business to join the 21st Century? Before you answer this question, let me ask you another one: Are you ready to start a blog for your business? For many, the prospect of learning how to properly start, maintain, and optimize a blog for search engines is a monumental task that simply never gets done. But don’t let the enormity of the task stop you from doing it! You could be missing out on thousands of customers simply because your business has not joined the blogosphere. Setting up your business’s blog for search engine optimization (SEO) is the topic of this writing. The benefits of SEO far outweigh the labor it takes to set it up for your blog.

Basically, SEO is the foundation your blog needs to be ranked highly by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. It contains two parts: On-Page and Off-Page SEO. On-Page SEO are the things that you control about your blog, such as content, domain name, and plug-ins. Off-Page SEO are things outside of your control, such as links to your site from other blogs. Since On-Page SEO is directly affected by what you do, we will focus on that here.

Here are the things you can do to optimize your blog for search engines: Continue reading

Announcement: What’s Going to be Big for SEO in 2011?

By Wayne Barker

What will the new year bring for your SEO?

What will the new year bring for your SEO?

I know we are only at the start of December but 2011 is looming and if this month passes as fast as the previous 11 it will be on us before we realise. On reflection 2010 has been a pretty big year for Google – we have had Caffeine and the May Day update, changes to local search and Google Page Previews…and if you try and stay up to date with all the tweaks to Google Maps, Earth, Gmail, YouTube and the million other Google products, I tip my hat.

So what is going to be big for SEO in 2011? In my opinion two of the biggest changes that have occurred this year were the changes to Google Places and the Google Page Previews. If you are unaware of what these are then I suggest you continue to read. If you are already familiar with the changes you need to make sure you are one step ahead of the crowd and get your thinking caps on. Continue reading

Twitter Weekly Palm Springs SEO Updates for 2012-10-14

Twitter Weekly Palm Springs SEO Updates for 2012-10-07

  • Watching the pilot episode of Northern Exposure. Loved that show! #
  • RT @stacyzapar: Google Warns, 6 in 10 Will Leave Your Mobile-Unfriendly Site – MarketingVOX #
  • RT @la_webjobs: #SEO #jobs Full-Time SEO Expert: organic search rankings (SEO). #
  • RT @USRealityCheck: 'I don't have the time' to explain tax plan, says Paul Ryan on Fox News: #wtf #
  • RT @dsilverman: My review of Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite. I keep wanting to type "paperweight". #ditto #
  • RT @tonynwright: Google Tag Manager: New Google Product via @Marketingland #
  • Sorry, but "Paperwhite" is just a horrible name. Makes me think I'm buying a dud…er…uh…PAPERWEIGHT! #
  • RT @intenseca: Mitt Romney's Debate Preparation Takes Wrong Turn as He Loses to Siri : The New Yorker #LOL #
  • I HATE it when something I should be able to do in a browser on my iPad FORCES me to install an iOS app! Grrrrrr…..! #
  • How An iOS 6 Change Makes It Seem Like Google Traffic From Safari Has Disappeared… #
  • RT @mashable: Wozniak: Apple May Decline, But Not Because It Lost Steve Jobs #
  • RT @therealnimoy: Drumming with Adam West !! LLAP #
  • RT @mattcutts: Attention SEOs: Google updated our webmaster guidelines: Now with lots of examples–yay! #
  • Getting creepy. Clicked on a "Big Bang Theory" t-shirt ad and now it is following me everywhere I go! #eek #
  • RT @sandiegowebjobs: #SEO #jobs SEO Manager: as our first SEO hire (Sorry folks, this is NOT an SEO job…50% PPC!) #
  • I'm at Contour Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery Center (Rancho Mirage,, CA) #
  • RT @steve_seo_uk: Google +1’s Confirmed To Have “No Direct” Impact On Rankings: via @DaveNaylor #
  • RT @fring: WOW! Steve Jobs envisioned the iPad in…1983! #
  • RT @jonrognerud: Google: Merchant Tools, Product Data The Focus For Google Shopping In Q4: #
  • I dunno. Isn't signing up for a company's service only to have it merge with another kinda like getting married and moving in with parents? #
  • RT @jordankasteler: Google Panda Update 20 Released, 2.4% Of English Queries Impacted #
  • RT @seotwisted: #web #News Batman Charged With Obstructing Police – Batman may just want to be helpful…. #
  • RT @airdisa: "It’s not often we get to watch an extremely popular site commit SEO suicide." #
  • RT @billmaher: Its Obama's anniversary – he's got to deliver twice tonight! #lol #
  • Really, Mitt? You'd trust a PRIVATE insurance company to dictate your health care? Guess so, since you could buy it… #
  • RT @BlGBlRD: Yo Mitt Romney, Sesame Street is brought to you today by the letters F & U! #debates #SupportBigBird #
  • RT @jaeschke: Yuck. Romney just sounded like Bush. #debate2012 #
  • Shut up, Mitt. You're coming across as an ass. Oh, wait… #
  • RT @dannysullivan: No, what hurt the housing market Romney was, um, eight years of Republicans merrily allowing the bubble #debates #
  • RT @billmaher: drives me nuts when Mitt says healthcare works at state level, not federal – do people get sick differently by state? NO!!! #
  • RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: RT @FiredBigBird: Look what Mitt Romney has done to me… #
  • RT @faitherinhicks: Whoa. Suddenly a thousand voices on twitter rose up and screamed "NOT BIG BIRD." I sense a disturbance in the Force. #
  • RT @billmaher: that was the line of the night so far: is Romney keeping his plans secret because they're too good? #
  • Shut up, Mitt. You're sounding like an ass again. Oh, wait… #
  • RT @ezraklein: 1. So in Mass, Dems were willing to work with an R gov. Nationally, R's weren't willing to work with a D prez. #
  • Seriously, I'd like to see Romney debate Sheldon Cooper. #GeeksRule #
  • Uh, Mitt, you think God is an alien from the planet Kolob. I love sci -fi but… #
  • Romney thinks our health care system is great? What planet is he from? Oh, right, Kolob… #
  • RT @RBLevin: Obama killed Bin Laden. Romney wants to kill Big Bird. Now there's a difference. #debate2012 #Debate #PresidentialDebate2012 #
  • RT @billmaher: Mitt: "we have best health record in the world" – then why does UN rank us 37? Outside the bubble, there are facts you know #
  • RT @billmaher: Closing statements, Mitt won the coin toss. And put the coin in the Cayman Islands #
  • 12 million jobs, Mitt? We're still wait for H-O-W… #
  • RT @sarita: MT @pavrasin: "Big Bird" is a more popular trending topic than "Mitt Romney" "Barack Obama" or "Jim Lehrer" #
  • RT @MarcEnsign: First Mitt won't allow Bert and Ernie to get married and now he's going to kill Big Bird? Heads up Grover! You're next. #
  • RT @latimes: Fact check: Romney overstates the number of Americans out of work: #debate #
  • RT @RBReich: R won on style; O on substance. But O allowed R to get away w/boldfaced lies. Doubt anyone's mind changed, but O must do better #
  • RT @FiredBigBird: Organizing a Million Muppet March against Mitt… #MuppetsAgainstMitt #
  • RT @HalSparks: Via @nprnews: Romney Goes On Offense, Pays For It In First Wave Of Fact Checks #
  • I'm at Salsas Restaurant (Cathedral City, California) #
  • RT @neiltyson: Change in DJIA during Pres. terms: GHBush: +50%; Clinton1: +100%; Clinton2: +60%; GWBush1: -3%; GWBush2: -22%; Obama: +65% #
  • "When guys have brain-crotch problems it's usually the result of using one too much and the other too little." – House #
  • RT @thegrok: The Best Steve Jobs Moments In History [Video Gallery] – Inspirational for anyone looking to communicate #
  • RT @usrealitycheck: Government reports increase of 114,000 jobs, jobless rate drops to 7.8%, U6 is 14.7%: dk #P2 #
  • RT @rachelsklar: Beatles & Bond. Pretty amazing day. RT @thedailybeast: This day in 1962 was pretty great #
  • RT @framesdirect: Know what you should do? Have a great #Friday #
  • OK, there's marketing and there's creepy. Clicked on a "Big Bang Theory" t-shirt ad Monday and the damned thing is still following me Friday #
  • RT @vanessafox: Mobile now 16% of web traffic: #
  • Lunch! (@ Starbucks) #
  • RT @lanceulanoff: RT @ebertchicago: "The Wizard of Oz" cries out to be in 3D. Right? Me: Nooooooooo! #
  • Off work soon and heading out to meet some friends. Sooooo need this week over and the company of folks I love to be with! :-) #
  • OMG! The first James Bond film was 50 years ago! I feel so old! Of course, I pretty much lost interest after Sean Connery left the role. #
  • RT @halsparks: Mitt Romney is the perfect guy to turn around the economy right back to where it was on January 1, 2009 #
  • Fantastic dinner with good friends at Twin Palms in #PalmSprings tonight. Great company and food. I so needed that! :-) #
  • Mmmm, coffee! (@ Palm Cafe) #
  • RT @LanceUlanoff: A band that played only Kazoos. Hard to understand why they didn't become international sensations. #

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Twitter Weekly Palm Springs SEO Updates for 2012-09-23