Twitter Weekly Palm Springs SEO Updates for 2012-05-13

  • I'm at Escena Grill (Palm Springs, CA) #
  • I'm at Leons Bar And Grill #
  • OK, my dad was a great cook & would have loved this, but just made stuffed bell peppers from scratch for the first & only time. #TooMuchWork #
  • RT @webuildpages: POST: "Is your HTTP compressed?" Great info to benefit page load speed! Enjoy! #seo #
  • Just heard some idiot Republican yahoo state that raising taxes on the weathly generates less revenue. Seriously? #GoBackToSchool #
  • RT @randfish: Some thoughts on Google's Penguin update: #video #
  • OK, those stuffed peppers that were such a bitch to make from scratch are cooking in the crockpot and smell wonderful. We'll see… #
  • Another night of #Netflix Sad that network and cable TV have gotten so bad that I'd rather watch reruns and old movies… #
  • RT @ShastaMerlot: #NorthCarolina has put bigotry into law. Guess old habits die hard #JimCrow #p2 #tcot This is tragic #
  • RT @dannysullivan: i'd mock north carolina voting against gay marriage, but my own state of california was as dickheaded in 2008. #ditto #
  • RT @Seoworkers: Got Penguin Poop On Your Head? How To Deal With Google’s Latest Update #
  • Find Paradise with Maui Jim Sunglasses : The Eye Zone – Eyeglasses, Sunglasses and Optical Blog of.. #
  • Find Paradise with Maui Jim Sunglasses : The Eye Zone – Eyeglasses, Sunglasses and Optical Blog of #
  • RT @StacyZapar: Good news – Job Openings in U.S. Rise to Highest Level Since 2008 via @BloombergNews @_janeprice_ #
  • Weird. I have an iPad 2 sitting on its charger but rarely pick it up. My original iPad still does most everything I need… #
  • @TDSKateM The iPad2 was a gift. Set it up with the same apps, but tend to grab the old one. Only difference to me is the camera, rarely used #
  • OK, it's 102 degrees at 6:20 pm. Think I'll pass on my three-mile walk today. Guess it's time to consider an early morning schedule … #
  • Yeah, we'll, Mitt thinks God flew in from Mars on the space shuttle, too… #
  • RT @wpsitehosting: OPTIMIZE: Google Penguin & Unnatural Links: How to Protect Your Site Moving Forward #
  • Geez. Watching 2nd season of "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"-beginning to see same corny sets/props/costumes used later in "Lost in Space" #
  • The Vampire Who Came Out in the Afternoon #DarkShadows #
  • RT @LocalTwo: A 34,000 pound Marilyn Monroe is on her way to Downtown Palm Springs! @SamanthaCortese Reports: #
  • A little surprised that "Yellow Submarine" is being re-released yet again. I'm a HUGE Beatles fan, but never cared for it…loved the music! #
  • But, if you're looking for #Beatles Sunglasses (shameless plug), check this out! #
  • RT @StacyZapar: Best — and worst — hotels for Wi-Fi – CBS News #wifi #travel #roadwarriors #
  • RT @itnewz: Sprint's New Tri-Fi Hotspot Finds a Signal Any Which Way It Can #
  • I'm at Baja Fresh (Rancho Mirage, CA) #
  • New Release: Kaenon Polarized : The Eye Zone – Eyeglasses, Sunglasses and Optical Blog of #
  • I'm sorry, but when I start to read an otherwise good #SEO article & find the writer doesn't know the difference between "too" & "to" I bail #
  • I'm at Palms Cafe (Rancho Mirage, CA) #
  • I'm at Desert IMAX Theatre for Dark Shadows: An IMAX Experience (Cathedral City, CA) #

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